EHS Regulatory Compliance Software


Research Efficiency

regulatory research efficiencyCyberRegs improves your organization's regulatory research efficiency by giving you complete access to U.S. federal laws and regulations in addition to laws and regulations related to environmental, health & safety, and transportation areas from Canada and Mexico, all in one location. CyberRegs powerful search features allow you to locate content by keyword, topic, and citation. In addition to robust search capabilities, CyberRegs has reporting tools that allow users to specify important regulations and monitor those regulations.

CyberRegs' powerful search tools allow you to locate content by citation, keyword, or topic. Keyword Search has the capability of conducting searches through entire portals or to one or more areas among Federal, States, and International. You can even further narrow the focus within each area, with detailed selection criteria tailored to each scope of documents.

For example, in one case, you may wish to search the entire Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations together, but in another, you could limit results to specific titles in the Code of Federal Regulations and only Federal Register rules that affect those titles in a given date range. You could also include one or more states, fine-tuned to specific jurisdictions, titles, or chapters, or even limit the results to just statutes.

By combining Microsoft's powerful Indexing Service with our CyberRegs' database of document information, the Keyword Search feature will allow you to quickly find the documents you need. The search index is always current -- documents are incrementally re-indexed as they are updated on our site.

HyperLinks are embedded throughout each document allowing you to jump to the precise section or paragraph the text references, thereby eliminating an extra search step to find related content.

By providing a menu of documents that contain links leading to your currently viewed text, Reverse Links allows you to instantly see what other regulations reference the one under your review.

RegMatch allows you to cross-reference U.S. Federal and U.S. State articles with related topics and citation references across multiple jurisdictions. This means you can quickly identify U.S. State documents that are comparable to U.S. Federal documents - and visa-versa - down to the section level.

The Highlighting Search feature in CyberRegs allows you to easily find pre-defined phrases, text, or words. Your pre-defined search selection is highlighted throughout all documents until you turn the feature off. Navigation arrows allow you, with one click, to skip directly to the next instance of your search criteria. This efficiency saves you time you would normally spend scrolling through the document or using your browsers' Find command over and over again.

Our Stored Notification® System (SNS) is a fully auditable environment that allows you to review updated documents, make comments regarding applicability to your operations, save and share this analysis with colleagues, and mark notifications as closed once they have been reviewed.

Via Selective Printing, users are able to create reports that contain regulations that are important to particular departments, projects, or sites. Once regulations are specified, every time the report is generated, the content is evergreen. In other words, up-to-date regulatory content is rendered for pre-defined criteria. This comes in handy for site audits.