EHS Regulatory Compliance Software


Communicate Effectively

CyberRegs facilitates on-the-spot, effective communication, either individually or to predefined groups, by providing a means to discuss specific citations, documents, protocols, or standards that may affect your organization.

Communicate effectivelyDocument annotations allow you to attach comments and concerns to any document or paragraph within a document, and share these annotations with individuals throughout your organization. This allows any CyberRegs user in your organization to know instantly what others thought about the document and what actions they may have taken, just by reading the annotations in the document, without ever having to track them down and talk to them.

More than just text can be left in annotations. Companies find that images, links to internal company documents, or audit sheets provide valuable on-the-spot supplemental resources to anyone reviewing annotations. User groups can be automatically notified when team members add "field notes" or research to an annotation.

Sharing your discoveries and ideas with your colleagues is easy. If you wish to notify other users in your organization about a page you are viewing, the Community E-mail tool can do it quickly. It presents you with a list of all CyberRegs users at your company. Simply choose from the list of recipients and fill in the subject line and message box with any notes or instructions. The URL of the document that you're viewing will be included within the e-mail message for quick reference.

Communicating in print is easy from CyberRegs, too. All documents in CyberRegs can be printed directly from the document by using the Printer Friendly tool on the Document Toolbar. A pop-up window will display the document minus the menu, toolbar, and graphics at the top of the page and will invoke the print dialog on your system. You will also find icons to make specific sections of documents printer friendly.