EHS Regulatory Compliance Software


Monitor Change

The focus on environmental, health & safety management of change is unprecedented. It's a full-time job to keep abreast of how new laws and regulations may affect your department, jobsite, or organization. Management of changeCyberRegs' comprehensive suite of change tracking features gives you the tools to monitor and manage regulatory change with confidence and ease.

CyberRegs' best-in-class Early Warning Service (EWS) is used for tracking change in any areas that you specify by sending you daily or weekly emails. Use EWS to create a customized profile that covers both federal and state requirements. U.S. Federal documents will be searched and cross-referenced using parts or part ranges of CFRs, keywords, topics of interest, and even specific federal agency names you specify. U.S. State documents are cross-referenced by titles or topics. You can elect to be notified of changes to state regulations related to air, energy, general, health and safety, licensing, natural resources, pesticides, radiation, storage tanks, transportation, waste and water. You will be alerted to notices, proposed rules and final rules, and a link to get that article or regulations on CyberRegs. (View EWS Example)

Whenever a regulatory document undergoes a change, CyberRegs places a distinctive icon above the citation on CFR menus with the latest modification date noted. The Change Tracking System in CyberRegs works within a document, allowing you to analyze the older version side-by-side with the newer version with the changes in color-coded highlights. The side-by-side document comparison tool will appear in the section toolbar of each document, making it a snap to view document changes anytime.

The Change Tracking System tool has a powerful set of features that help document change management. With it you can

  • View older versions of various regulatory documents, which are preserved in our archives.
  • See an advanced comparison between a current document and an archived document (or compare two archived versions) in a detailed color-coded display showing additions, deletions and modifications.
  • Compare individual sections to archived versions of those sections side-by-side on a split screen.
  • View FR articles that initiated changes to CFRs.
  • Jump from changed section to changed section by selecting a directional arrow next to a highlighted section.

CyberRegs' Stored Notification® System (SNS) allows users to identify needed regulatory text down to the sub-paragraph level and assign it to an individual or group to monitor for change. Once selected, the assigned person or group will be notified in the event of a change. The SNS application has several components that facilitate management of regulatory change, from quick links to review new verbiage, a way to identify modifications, an area for user notations, user history, and a means to record action taken. SNS is a valuable tool for both internal and external auditing needs.