EHS Regulatory Compliance Software


Increase Productivity

increase productivityCyberRegs has many exclusive tools that will help your organization increase productivity by reducing the research required to find related documents, from various federal, state, and international authorities, to facilitating easy collaboration between users.

CyberRegs' powerful search features allow you to locate content by keyword, topic, and citation. Our Keyword Search allows you to conduct online research over the entire portal or narrow your scope to search the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Code, Bookshelf or Unified Agenda, as well as a single or multiple states, and international documents. You can also define search criteria to include one or more regulations (final or proposed) or statues from one or more states.

Reverse Links increase your productivity by providing a menu of documents that contain links leading to your currently viewed document. Quickly see what other laws, regulations, and documents reference your current one. The Reverse Links button appears right in the document for quick access to this important related content.

Increase productivity with one-click access to Community E-mail from within the currently viewed document. Without having to switch to your email client, you can quickly share a direct link to any document and even specific sections of documents along with your comments to other CyberRegs users in your organization, alerting them to changes that may affect their area of compliance.

CyberRegs also allows you to annotate documents with ideas and concerns so your colleagues can view them while reviewing laws and regulations. Photographs, links to internal company documents or 3rd party websites, forms, and procedural notices are frequently added to annotations. Annotation Editor allows users to view a list of annotations that have been made throughout CyberRegs.