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CyberRegs pre-login Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberRegs?

At a minimum, CyberRegs is an online, regulatory document service that provides subscribers with up-to-date versions of
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • The daily Federal Register
  • US Code
  • State Statutes and Regulations
  • Canada National and Province Regulations and Laws
  • Mexican Laws and Regulations
  • EH&S News
  • Unified Agenda

What sets CyberRegs apart from its competition is a set of robust productivity-enhancing tools, a user-friendly interface, and a suite of features that assist organizations in their efforts to manage EHS change and compliance.

I currently get my information off of free sites; why should I pay for a service?

Every day, companies lose time and money because employees are trying to navigate multiple "free" sites to figure out what they need to know. CyberRegs gives you one service that is easier to navigate, and includes all your state and national requirements in one place with one simple-to-use format. It allows users to reach a much higher level of productivity and eliminates the extra time, effort, and mistakes that are far too common when trying to search out this information in other ways. Our clients find that the subscription pays for itself many times over.

How frequently is CyberRegs regulatory content updated?

CyberRegs updates regulatory documents every business day. Also, CyberRegs Early Warning Service (EWS) allows you to receive a customized daily or weekly email notifying you of changes to regulations or areas of interest that may affect you and your organization directly.

Is CyberRegs easy to use?

CyberRegs prides itself not only in providing you with quality content, but in providing it in an easy-to-use format that allows you to log on, find what you're looking for, and move on to the next task at hand. This means easy one click navigation, an intuitive layout, and a consistency of tools and formats throughout the site.

CyberRegs follows up on this commitment by providing unlimited, complimentary training and support from our premier customer service team. Need help with a search? Have a question? Want customized departmental training? CyberRegs customer service professionals can help with it all.

Can you give me an example of how I would use your service?

As you begin work in the morning, you open the EWS notification that's waiting for you in your email. You see that a New Final rule has been issued on a regulation that affects your business. With one click, you launch the full Federal Register article regarding this issue, so you can review it.

While reviewing the article, it notes a CFR Part it will affect. In CyberRegs, it's a live link directly to that text - so with one more click, you are now in the CFR this change will impact.

Perhaps you wonder if this will also affect a state you have a facility in. With one more click, you launch our Reverse Links tool, which allows you to see if any document in that state references this CFR Part. You locate the needed document on the list, and click - you're now in the state document.

You note that the state document has also been changed recently. Click on CyberRegs' "Track Changes" tool, and you'll find yourself presented with a clear, easy-to-read, color-coded version of the document that shows you clearly what has been added, deleted, or changed in the specified revision.

Realizing this will be of importance to co-workers, you launch our community email tool and send an email with the link to the state document in question, to the other users of your choice.

This is just an example of how CyberRegs simplifies your life and allows you to reach a whole new level of research, communication, and tracking change; and you'll accomplish all this in half the time it would have taken you to simply locate the Federal Register article in the past.

Is there a fee for customer support or training?

Free support is included with your CyberRegs subscription. You may reach CyberRegs Customer Care at 866-203-3791, Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-5:00PM MST, or via

CyberRegs Online Training Sessions are provided free of charge. In less than one hour, our expert trainers will teach you tips and tricks to make your time on CyberRegs more efficient. The CyberRegs User Guides are also available online post-login. Whether you are new to CyberRegs or just want a refresher, our User Guides will give you a quick overview for using site tools. We provide new user training as well as refresher workshops. CyberRegs Customer Care is happy to create a training module specific to your departmental needs.

What is EWS?

EWS service (Early Warning System) is a complimentary part of each CyberRegs subscription. It allows each user to create a customized profile that encompasses their regulatory scope; such as parts or part ranges of CFRs, keywords, or topics of interest. This personalized list will then be scrubbed against the Federal Register each day, and a notification will be sent out with the original government summaries of any Notice, Proposed Rule, or Final Rule that affects that user's area of responsibility, along with a link to the full article. CyberRegs customers have found this saves them a great deal of time and money, and allows them to focus on other issues while we do the legwork. View an example of EWS >>

The Early Warning System (EWS) is included with your CyberRegs subscription. You may edit your preferences post-login by clicking the "Option" button in the banner and then choosing EWS Registration.

Are your servers ever down for maintenance?

While CyberRegs content is updated daily, this does not affect your access. When maintenance is required, updating our redundant servers independently generally eliminates the need for the system to be down during updates. Advance notice will be proveded on site if there are any exceptions to this general rule.

How long does it take for the service to start after I purchase it?

As soon as you let us know the names of the users you want to include, we can create your user accounts and you can log in and start using CyberRegs immediately.

Can I have a CyberRegs custom banner made for my organization?

We will be happy to work with you to create unique artwork that includes your brand.

Can I add my colleagues to my subscription?

We offer subscriptions to fit any size organization. Whether you have one or two people that handle your compliance or 1,000, they can all benefit from CyberRegs productivity-enhancing tools and its comprehensive database of full-text federal and state regulations, statutes, and related compliance documents for environmental, health & safety, and transportation.

What regulations are covered in CyberRegs?

CyberRegs packages are designed for your specific business needs. With that in mind, some portals may not look like others. The standard CyberRegs portal contains U.S. Federal, State, and local regulations, statutes, registers, and other compliance materials related to environment, health & safety, and transportation, and similar online documents for the rest of North America.

Are all states included?

Yes, all 50 states as well as the District of Colombia are included.