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CyberRegs Testimonials

Real people, real words. That's what makes testimonials so powerful. You may not believe us when we gush about how CyberRegs will increase your productivity or how EWS will keep you proactive, but when your industry peers have something to say, you'll probably listen. In other words, our customers can say it better and with more credibility than we can.

Feel free to send us your comments good or bad. Feedback is what makes change happen and becoming better is a real agenda item at CyberRegs.

"The technology employed by CyberRegs is the best that I've found and it allows for the quickest, most comprehensive analysis of the regulations. The data base of knowledge is amazingly thorough and very simple to use. Simply stated, this is an incredibly powerful product.

I don't know how I would do my job, with corporate responsibility for a multitude of programs, in multiple states, without it. However, what really separates CyberRegs from the rest of the pack is the committed customer service. You are never more than a phone call away from a friendly and knowledgeable voice to help you find a solution to your regulatory search quest or even to help train you to use the service better, FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. I didn't think anything was free anymore!

CyberRegs is an affordable, powerful tool that offers the users the flexibility to perform detailed regulatory research in a fast, simple manner but customized to fit the needs of the user. I strongly recommend this product!"

KIK Custom Products - Scott Churbock

"I couldn't be more satisfied with my subscription to CyberRegs. I find your site to be so easy to use. I can get to any topic in any federal or state regulation or statute in seconds. Your site continuously amazes me regarding how easy it is to find things. I had a number of links to websites that provided me access to states environmental, health, regulations, and statutes, but now I go to CyberRegs and get what I need almost instantly.

I also want to compliment you on CyberRegs Early Warning Service. I've had regulatory update services in the past but it has never provided the targeted information that I need. The way I've got it set up, CyberRegs word-specific search of federal regulations gives me just what I want to see. The state updates surprise me with the amount of useful information I get. I've seen EWS updates on SPCC proposed regulatory changes, asbestos, and air conditioning and refrigerant service license fee increases, and EPA enforcement priorities to name a few. I've come to depend on it to keep me up to date on what I need to know."

Black Hills Energy - Joe E. Jenkins


"CyberRegs affords Phoenix EHS Consultants, LLC, the opportunity to research regulations in an efficient, consistent and cost-effective manner. Short lead time preparation for out of state audits can be challenging for any auditor; however, CyberRegs reduces preparation time by providing concise regulatory review capabilities. Phoenix has historically, and will continually utilize the reliable services CyberRegs offers its customers."

Phoenix EHS Consultants - Lisa McKenna

"We have been using CyberRegs for a number of years and, we at CRA, are very pleased with its "user-friendly" set up. Several of us use it regularly and are very happy with it. We have also used the International Suites and found them to be very helpful. Folks at CyberRegs are also very prompt in responding to our needs. Excellent system and service."

Conestoga-Rovers and Associates - Nik Mukhopadhyay


CyberRegs Training Workshops

We survey every workshop attendee. Surveys are an excellent way to learn how we can improve our CyberRegs training sessions and how we can make them more relevant for our attendees.

See what some of our attendees' have to say:

"There are a lot of tools and features within CyberRegs, so it was a bit overwhelming. But then, this is always the case when learning to use a new software tool or program. I am looking forward to becoming proficient in using CyberRegs to improve my H&S performance in terms of accuracy and timely response to questions and issues, as well as when developing a training module."

RMT Environment Energy Engineering - Dwight Flach

"Great session! I've been using CyberRegs for a few weeks now and it has been very useful and pretty easy to navigate. I picked up some great pointers from your session (ReverseLink, RegMatch, QuickLink and others)."

Western Refining - Joseph Mendoza


"The training was great and I am excited to know about the service! I told one of my coworkers she MUST sign up for the training."

Tetra Tech EC, Inc. - Kristin Bennett

"You did an outstanding job with the training presentation. The customer service aspect is quite apparent."

Alyeska Pipeline - Jenny Stokes