EHS Regulatory Compliance Software


Workflow Productivity

CyberRegs was designed with the goal of dramatically increasing workflow productivity and substantially increasing organizational collaboration. Reduced research time with an emphasis on management of change is the end result when professionals use the CyberRegs suite of productivity tools. Pervasive communication is what occurs with CyberRegs' collaboration features.

Key Advantages to the CyberRegs experience:

Listed below are some of CyberRegs' more popular tools:


CyberRegs allows users in your organization to communicate effectively by annotating documents with company information, ideas, and concerns. Others can instantly view them from anywhere. And, as employees are promoted or retire, your company retains their knowledge for future use. Annotations allow users to share practical insights with the team and build institutional knowledge where it matters most, within the document.


CyberRegs improves your research efficiency by allowing you to locate content by keyword, topic, or citation. Our Keyword Search can crawl the entire portal or narrow your scope to search only documents from specific federal, state, and international sources. The Highlighting Search feature offers navigation arrows that, with one click, will skip directly to the next instance of the searched keyword.


RegMatch quickly identifies state documents that are comparable to federal documents, and vice-versa, all the way down to the section level. The research required to find regulatory compliance documents for your focus is greatly reduced.

Links/Reverse Links

Links are embedded throughout each document, allowing you to jump to the precise section or paragraph the text references. CyberRegs' Reverse Links provide a menu of documents that contain links to your currently viewed document. You will quickly see what additional laws, regulations, and other relevant documents reference the current one, thereby increasing research efficiency by eliminating extra search steps to find related content.

Stored Notification® System

Our Stored Notification® System (SNS) increases productivity by allowing you to review updated documents, make comments regarding applicability to your operations, save and share this analysis with colleagues, and mark notifications as closed once they have been reviewed.

Change Tracking

The Change Tracking System in CyberRegs works within a document, allowing you to easily see section-level changes in the newer version side-by-side with the older, with the changes in color-coded highlights. The side-by-side comparison tool will appear in the section toolbar of each document, making it a snap to view document changes anytime. By not having to read entire documents to find the relevant changes, your company benefits from increased productivity.

Early Warning Service

CyberRegs' Early Warning Service (EWS) monitors change in any areas that you specify and provides daily or weekly email reporting. Use EWS to create a customized profile that covers both federal and state requirements. You will be alerted to notices, proposed rules, and final rules, and a link to the article or regulation on CyberRegs. The more specific you are with your criteria, the more your EWS will be customized so that you are getting exactly what you need.

Community E-mail

Community E-mail fosters effective communication by offering email from within the currently viewed document. With one click, it presents you with a list of all CyberRegs users at your company. Simply choose from the list of recipients, fill in the subject and any notes or instructions. The URL of your current document will automatically be included within the e-mail message for quick reference.


All documents in CyberRegs can be printed directly from the document by using the Printer Friendly tool on the Document Toolbar, providing perfectly formatted text, without menus. You will also find a button to make specific sections and paragraphs of documents printer-friendly, right in the document.