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Welcome to IHS CyberRegs®
CyberRegs is the most comprehensive source of up-to-date regulatory compliance information. As the premier subscription-based environmental, health and safety regulatory information solution, CyberRegs offers a feature-rich web portal with access to all 50 CFRs including EHS regulatory content from all 50 US states, Canada and Mexico. This robust document-management platform offers a variety of efficiency and collaboration tools to maximize the value of the documents. The same platform can also be leveraged for company policies and procedures.
With constant changes in federal and state regulations governing the protection of the environment, occupational requirements and transportation of hazardous materials, making sure your organization is in full regulatory compliance can be a demanding task. We are here to help.
The extensive CyberRegs functionality allows subscribers to receive email notifications on any newly proposed regulations, as well as changes to existing regulations that match individually tailored profiles – doing this with ease, efficiency and accuracy, while reducing your organization's research costs.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016
Notices: 78
Proposed Rules: 16
Final Rules: 25
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40 CFR 60 Subpart A
General Provisions

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