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Customer Care

Our commitment to client service plays an important role in establishing IHS's goal to exceed our client expectations. Our mission in Customer Care is to help all of our clients "optimize their usage" of CyberRegs. From initial company set-up to advanced CyberRegs training, and everything in-between, we have created a company culture that stresses the importance of long-term client relationships. Customer CareIHS Customer Care consists of a team of dedicated solution specialists who can help answer your questions, assist in setting up your Early Warning criteria, help with specific searches, and provide training on every feature of the system.

IHS prides itself on offering world-class customer care, training and technical support. Your satisfaction is important to us. You may hear other companies talk about client feedback, but we donít just "talk" about it, we act upon it! The opportunity to provide us with your feedback is on every website page, and we provide attendee surveys after every training session. We also conduct annual customer satisfaction surveys so you can rate our services and our products. We need your feedback to continually improve.

CyberRegs training is complimentary. Ensuring that our customers are properly trained on our products is paramount to CyberRegs' success. That is why you will see several weekly open enrollment classes posted on our monthly calendar; these classes are available to any CyberRegs subscriber. In addition, we offer individual one-on-one sessions, or custom training sessions for your department or teams. Please call or email us if this is something you would like for your organization.

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Customer Care

Phone: 866-203-3791 or +1-303-217-5673