EHS Regulatory Compliance Software


About CyberRegs

During the last two decades, CyberRegs has matured from floppy disks to CDs to a dynamic regulatory document web portal. CyberRegs was the first industry-specific application of its kind to enter the online world. It is now the fastest growing and most comprehensive source of current, full-text regulatory compliance information. Environmental, health & safety and transportation professionals from Fortune 500 organizations have come to rely on CyberRegs for all their regulatory compliance research.

Although CyberRegs may have started out years ago as just a means to view federal regulations online, the interface now includes an entire array of productivity-enhancing and management of change tools that exponentially increases the value of any content. Subscribers know that by making CyberRegs their regulatory document solution, their organizations will reap the benefits of efficient change management, pervasive collaboration & communication, and increased research productivity.

IHS has dedicated CyberRegs professionals who provide customer assistance, research, update, & verify regulatory content on a daily basis, and continuously seek to create a better CyberRegs user experience.